tankless coil water temperature control
Posted by Joe Vengen on October 27, 1999 at 11:48:17:
I have a weil-mclain oil-fired furnace with a tankless coil for hot water. It is a model typical for a 2500 sq. ft. house (don't have the number handy). Currently, I have a mixing valve (apollo ball) installed to manually regulate the hot water outlet temperature. I really don't have it open very much due to the limiting effect it has on the quantity of hot water available before the boiler cycles on again i.e. gets cold + the recovery time. By not using the cold water to regulate, the water gets very hot at the height of the cycle, and I don't run out of hot water as the boiler kicks on again in time. For obviuos reasons, I wan't to get the max outlet temp down to an acceptable temperature without sacrificing hot water availability. Is a thermostatically controlled tempertaure mixing valve a viable option? If not, which way should I go? If it is an option, what brand/model do you recommend? I don't want to go to an electric heater for reasons of cost. Thanks for your time.

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