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Posted by Dale's Plumbing service on October 26, 1999 at 22:09:11:
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: : : : I am installing a Mustee preformed fiberglass shower in my basement. The drain piping was roughed-in when the house was built. In the concrete floor is a 4" dia. PVC pipe cut flush with the floor surface. Of course the shower drain pipe is 2". Do I install some sort of flange to make this connection? If yes, do I sink the flange below the floor surface to allow the shower base to sit level? Thanks for the answer.

: : : Kevin, I'm not sure what to say on this. Do you have a 3 piece bath roughed in in your basement? Do you have the 4" pipe located for the stool? Or is this the 4" pipe for the toilet? Shine a light down the pipe and make sure it is not a sleve for a 2" pipe to go into a 2" trap in the floor.If you do connect to this 4" pipe you will have to cut the floor out and install a 4x2 reducer and a 2" trap for this fixture. Without a trap you will have sewer gas in the house. Hope this helps.

: : Dale:

: : I checked out the 4" pipe and it does appear that it transitions to a 2" sleeve.
: : It also appears that there is a p-trap. This leads to a couple of other questions.
: : 1) I'm assuming that I need to cement the 2" drain pipe to the sleeve vs. insert and caulk?
: : How far through the sleeve do I have to run the drain pipe?
: : 2) I noticed some existing liquid in the p-trap and an ammonia smell. Is this a
: : concern? Is this what sewer gas smells like or is it just some chemical that the
: : plumber poured in during rough-in to keep critters out?

: : KZ!

: Kevin, The 4" pipe used as a sleve can be taken out. It is there only to keep the concrete away from the 2" pipe it surrounds. The water you see is being held in by a trap.This trap is needed on all fixtures to keep sewer odors from exscaping from the pipes. If there is no pipe comeing out of this trap (2") then you need to glue a 2 " pipe into this trap.You need to install your drain on the shower and slip it over the 2" pipe comeing out of the trap. It may have to be cut for the correct height.Please have a plumber look this over so you don't make a mistake. It will save you a lot of work later on. Good luck on your project. Dale Peck. LMP

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