Re: Connecting 2" Shower Drain pipe to 4" Floor Drain Pipe
Posted by Kevin Zaba on October 25, 1999 at 10:54:06:
In response to Re: Connecting 2" Shower Drain pipe to 4" Floor Drain Pipe
: : I am installing a Mustee preformed fiberglass shower in my basement. The drain piping was roughed-in when the house was built. In the concrete floor is a 4" dia. PVC pipe cut flush with the floor surface. Of course the shower drain pipe is 2". Do I install some sort of flange to make this connection? If yes, do I sink the flange below the floor surface to allow the shower base to sit level? Thanks for the answer.

: Kevin, I'm not sure what to say on this. Do you have a 3 piece bath roughed in in your basement? Do you have the 4" pipe located for the stool? Or is this the 4" pipe for the toilet? Shine a light down the pipe and make sure it is not a sleve for a 2" pipe to go into a 2" trap in the floor.If you do connect to this 4" pipe you will have to cut the floor out and install a 4x2 reducer and a 2" trap for this fixture. Without a trap you will have sewer gas in the house. Hope this helps.


I checked out the 4" pipe and it does appear that it transitions to a 2" sleeve.
It also appears that there is a p-trap. This leads to a couple of other questions.
1) I'm assuming that I need to cement the 2" drain pipe to the sleeve vs. insert and caulk?
How far through the sleeve do I have to run the drain pipe?
2) I noticed some existing liquid in the p-trap and an ammonia smell. Is this a
concern? Is this what sewer gas smells like or is it just some chemical that the
plumber poured in during rough-in to keep critters out?


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