Re: Price Phister 3 valve tub/shower
Posted by Moore on October 24, 1999 at 23:14:49:
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Go to Price Pfister's Web Site and look for your model number. Their Tech Support is great, and they stand behind their product. If the leaky diverter isn't repairable, they may offer you a huge discount on a new one, and they'll clearly show you which tools to use and the way to use them.

Good Luck

: what tools are needed and what procedure is followed
: to service the Price Phister model which has slow leak
: in both hot nd cold valves?
: Tools available handle 1/2 inch puller service while
: Price Phister valve requires 5/8 inch.

: source of correct puller tool?

: Thank you. (p.s. I am tech in electronics by not much
: of a plumber

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