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Posted by Moore on October 24, 1999 at 23:10:05:
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You don't mention if this is a residential installation or a commercial. Most residential electrical service panels have a 200 amp supply at the breaker panel, with various breakers taking a bit of the amperage for different services 20 amps for lights and receptacles, 20 amps for heater, 30 amps for air conditioner, 20 or 40 amps for the electric water heater and or dryer, and simply don't leave 50 amps available for the spa installation. A licensed electricial will usually install a sub-panel for you that has a GFI (Ground Fault Interrupter) protection, and maybe an additional 20 amp breaker for an outside stereo, or lighting. Contact three licensed electricians and ask for an estimate for 50 amp service. The sub panel usually installs at or near the spa, and routs a 3 or 2 inch conduit back to the main house panel, and is hard wired at the meter connection, (before the breaker panel, but after the meter). Most electrical supply houses have pamphlets about the spa and it's wire requirements that comply with your local Building Code. The 50 amp service requires a larger size copper wire than the normal house wire, the current demand is greater, and usually requires a dedicated ground that has a copper ten foot conductor driven into the earth to protect from electrical shock. The breaker itself is larger than is available at Home Depot, and usually needs to be bought at an electrical wholesale house, and they usually want to ensure that you are trained to install the service (if you are considering doing it yourself) You can usually discover several licensed electricians names and phone numbers at the wholesale house, and ftentimes the City Building Department can supply some names.

: Since there are serious safety issues with a spa electric system, I would not recommend that this be your first attempt at wiring one. Proper grounding and fault protection are too important to make a mistake, and since a improper system can look the same as a safe system until you need the protection, a registered electrician would be the safest option.

: : I would like to install a 50amp service for 6man spa.
: : What to I need to purchase and where do I start. Any
: : of or all info you can provide would be deeply appreciated.

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