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Posted by Moore on October 24, 1999 at 22:45:15:
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Does the odor appear in the sink as well? If so then the vent and be suspected as the problem. The fact that the bathroom was gutted and remodeled recently could mean that the bathroom used to have a tub, and a shower was installed, but without a trap. If the odor does not appear at the sink, but only at the shower, it indicates that the sink "P" trap functions well, but the shower trap either doesn't function, or wasn't installed. If you just bought the house in June, you can write a letter to the Realtor, explaining the problem, and asking for the homeowners warrantee to cover the cost of having a Home Inspection Professional examine the problem, determine the correction, and schedule a repair. Please be advised that the sewer gas odor is a mixture of gasses that can be noxious and possibly unhealthy. This could be a serious health problem for the occupants of the house. If the Realtor does not respond to your satisfaction, contact the Homeowners Insurance Policy Underwriter, send them a copy of your letter to the Realtor, and ask for them to assure professional repairs. Contact a licensed Plumber in your area for further help, and ask if they will provide a free estimate for repair. In the event your house is not connected to sewer, and utilizes a septic tank and disposal field, the odor could be coming out of the ground at the septic area. Since you are in the house less than a year, you probably have a one year warrantee against defects, that the Realtor needs to enforce for your safety.

Good Luck e-mail me if you need further information, at

: I bought a house in June and just this past week have noticed a sewer gas smell while taking a shower.
: The bathroom is on the main floor and the only bathroom in the house. The bathroom was completely
: gutted and remodeled before I bought the house. Any ideas as to why I would have this smell?

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