Re: venting a washer drain?
Posted by Moore on October 24, 1999 at 22:27:17:
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No special venting is required. If the existing washing machine drain line is adequate and never overflows, you can continue it up to your closet location. Of course you'll need to also run your new hot and cold water lines up there, as well, and you'll need an adequate electrical supply (hopefully GFI protected { Ground Fault Interrupted}. Your main concern is that the volume of water discharged from the washing machine is going to be under pressure, at a larger volume than water that is gravity drained such as from a tub or sink. When the volume of water from the washer is dropped down to the next floor down in the basement, it will try to also suck down a volume of air to allow itself to be vented. When the one inch discharge hose is stuffed into a one and one half inch PVC drain line, you are creating a vacuum in the line, which will REALLY cause you headaches. Some better appliance repair and supply stores offer a pvc section that is larger diameter that fits into the stud cavity in the wall that provides a place for the hose to rest, without obstructing the flow of air for a vent. Without such a washing machine drain adapter, you will be best advised to extend your new PVC drain/vent up another floor, possibly to connect to a soil stack there.

: I am interested in converting an unused closet into a washer/dryer closet using one of the apartment type stackable washer/dryer units. My question is, can I run a pvc drain pipe from the washer in the new location to the standpipe located in the basement where the
: current washer drains or does the washer need a special drain and vent system like a sink or shower?
: Thanks in advance.

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