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Posted by Moore on October 24, 1999 at 22:12:22:
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How very old and mildew? Comet makes a great tile and tub cleaner in various strenghts. The dry comet needs some elbow grease after it sits (moistened) for a few minutes, TILEX makes a great product, and they're available at your grocery store. PLEASE BE CAREFUL!!! Bleach and Ammonia are commonly thought of as cleaning products, but if you mix the two in a poorly ventilated area, you'll create a deadly gas! BE CAREFUL! open a window or two, even if it's cold outside. Really tuff stuff needs industrial strength cleaners, and your local janitorial supply outlet will be happy to supply you with all the help you need.

Good Luck

: Any suggestions for cleaning bathtub and bathroom tiles.
: I have very old and dirty bathtub with mildow and rust.
: What chemical or product is good?
: I appreciate your suggestions.

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