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Posted by Moore on October 24, 1999 at 22:04:33:
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You can simply glass over the tile, to make a smaller shower area, without removing any tile, but at some point you'll need to break away tile to make the enclosure wall. Some folks use glass blocks as a divider wall without having to build a whole new wall. You really don't have to make a wall though, or even glass covering the tile. You can utilize a circular shower curtain rod suspended from the cieling and shower curtains hung from that to define your shower area. Your main concern is to keep the splashing water from falling onto the wooden flooring, and causing a rotting of the wood. You can e-mail me if you want further information about how to make your shower area smaller and the bathroom area more useable, at
Good Luck

: My basement shower is tiled - but takes up most of the bathroom. I would like one of the shower
: enclosures (like the use in motels). Would I have to remove the tile and replace with a kit (I assume
: like fiberglass) or could I just add the glass enclosure around the existing tile? The plumbing in
: the shower works perfect - it's just that my bathroom is too small.

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