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Posted by Moore on October 24, 1999 at 21:31:42:
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Please Be Careful! The foul odor comes from the previous owner enclosing the furnace and preventing enough combustion make up air to get to your oil fired furnace. It is sucking makeup air from your fireplace chimney into the cold air return duct to try to get more make up air. When using the fireplace, the hot air rising starves the furnace of combustion air, and the odor gets worse. Take the advise of the heating contractor and install a duct to provide six inches diameter or larger combustion outside air. Please be careful! The furnace cannot adequately obtain enough air for a good air/fuel ratio mixture. and is pumping noxious fuel contaminants into your living space. If you can't afford the contractor, e-mail me, and I'll tell you how to install it yourself. In the meantime, keep a window cracked open in your sleeping area, and it's MORE important to keep adequate ventilation in kids rooms if you have kids.

: HELP!!!! We moved into a house last year. It has forced hot air (oil furnace) and we have noticed a smell coming from the furnace room (enclosed in a finished basement). We have noticed the smell when the heat is on, and it is worse when the fireplace is being used. When we have the fireplace going, we notice an intense odor coming from the return in the room, and when we go into the furnace room, that smell is even more intense. This smell is coming up into the house through the heating ducts.

: We have tried everything.....orininally, we thought it was because of a leaking flange on the toilet, had that fixed and it is still here. We have replaced the furnace (cracked heat exchange-thought that might be the problem-it's not). Have had the flue inspected (no obstructions) the duct work cleaned (no dead animals). The fireplace has been cleaned and inspected, and a cap was just put was just suggested by the furnace/heating co. that we have a vent installed in the furnace room so that air can be circulated in that room (it is a very small area, that was enclosed by the previous owners....) any suggestions out there? we need all the help we can get....can't stand it anymore...don't know what else to do....HELP!!!

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