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Posted by Moore on October 24, 1999 at 20:48:26:
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First find the water shutoff valve that turns off the water supply to the tub. It will probably turn off the water to the rest of the house too, but thats what needs to be done. Then open the hot and cold water faucets in the tub, and let the water dribble out till it stops. Then you can twist off the tub filler spout by turning it counter clockwise. It may require a wrench, and that may mean that you scar it up, and needs to be replaced. If you hire a licensed plumber, he'll use a cushioned wrench that will prevent major scarring if the spout needs to be re-used. Then take a washcloth and cover the tub drain, and remove the small screws in the center of the hot and cold faucets (the screws may be hidden from sight by plastic caps which readily pry off) With care, pry the faucet handles off the stems, since the handles are no longer held on by the screws you just removed. (The washcloth over the drain is to prevent their loss) When the handles are free, the trim pieces which push up against the tub surround material will be able to be pulled free. (These trim pieces are called estuchions) Now with the estuchions pulled off you should see a hole in the tub surround material that is large enough for you to slide it off and replace with another surround. If this is gonna take a few days, you can screw the faucet handles back on, and the tub filler spout back on, and turn the water back on to the rest of the house. Check for leaks though, after you turn the water on! You could be in for a nasty surprise if you aren't careful. (Thats why we hire licensed plumbers)
Good Luck

: We are in the proceess of removing an old tub surround in a heritage house and are having difficulties getting the spout and taps out so we can take down the old tub surround and put in a new one. Can anyone help?

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