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Posted by Moore on October 24, 1999 at 20:10:58:
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Call any licensed plumber in your yellow pages and ask for a free estimate to determine what it's going to cost to stop the leak (if there is one). A licensed plumber will have a stethascope he can put against the water piping to listen for a leak if there is a leak in the pressure piping (Hot or Cold water). If there is a drainage piping leak (sewer or tub / shower) the plumber will be able to look for that as well. With a free estimate, a plumber probably won't remove any woodwork, but will know where to examine the crawl space to determine the scope of work, as far as plumbing goes, and will give you excellent references. If you live on a hillside, and groundwater is seeping in to rot the floor, you might have excellent chance of recovery of costs if you contact the homeowners insurance company, and tell them that you want to protect your investment, that they are insuring. They will also have a list of people you can call for estimates to repair the rotting.
You can trust a State licensed contractor that carries a BOND because the work is insured for each job, by the bonding company. An unlicensed contractor is gonna give you all kinds of songs and dance. Once you feel pretty confident you know the source of the problem, you can then agree to fix only what you can afford at this time. The Builder built the house with a one year warrantee against defects and workmanship in labor, so easily can tell you TUFF. The Homeowners Insurance underwriter though has a very strong interest in not seeing your investment deteriorate, and may also be able to help you recover the cost of high quality repaire by professional workers, and possibly can determine that the rotting is a result of something the builder did years ago, that is only showing up now.

Good Luck

: HELP! I have a new home (5yrs), and the downstairs 1/2 bath (toilet,sink) floor is rotting from under the flooring. I thought the toilet was leaking and my step-father took it up and replaced the seals. I don't know where the water is coming from - behind the wall? I contacted the builders and they say "tuff". (I'm a single parent in my last year of college - no money yet!!) My immediate need is to stop the leak for now and finish the repair this summer when I can afford it. Where do I start, a plumber? if the wall needs to be opened up will a plumber do it? or do I need another kind of cantractor? who do I trust? do you come this far down south (Orting)? Any help/suggestions you can give me will be VERY much appreciated.

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