Re: Kohler SAN RAPHAEL Power Lite
Posted by dave on October 23, 1999 at 15:00:30:
In response to Re: Kohler SAN RAPHAEL Power Lite
: : Usually a power flush toilet requires a certain amount of pressure in order to charge the pressure tank. I would concider the Toto Ultimate that is shown at this sight. It is a gravity Toilet that performs as a power flush toilet. Make sure you ask the person you are buying the Kohler from about minimum pressure requirments.

: The spec sheet on the Kohler Web Site says "Minimum static pressure required - 15 p.s.i." for the Kohler.
: Do you know what it is for the Toto Ultimate?
No min. pressure required. The reason Kohler requires 15 psi is to "charge" the pressure tank inside the toilet tank. Because Toto is a gravity toilet there are no minimum pressure requirements.

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