Re: Hot water convection return loop plumbing?
Posted by hj on October 20, 1999 at 08:43:03:
In response to Re: Hot water convection return loop plumbing?
: Convection circulation depends on the difference in weight of the hot versus cooling water. The cold water inlet will usually be the same temperature as the top of the tank, as will the water in the "dip tube", and this will heat up the water coming from the upper level and try to send that water back up, defeating the operation of the loop. By connecting to the bottom the water is isolated from any extraneous heating and therefore will continue its progress into the tank as it loses temperature. The connection to the water inlet works fine when a pump is involved.

: : HJ: thanks for the reponse. You said that the only way the system will work is for the return to be connected to the water heater at the lowest point. Yet is seems that the "Just Right" valve on the hot water page has the return line tee into the cold water input to the hot water tank. I must be missing something...

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