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Posted by Bud..Suncoast Plumbing on October 19, 1999 at 20:10:33:
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Dave:--While drinking from an unaffected tap, do all you can to determine what has transpired just prior to the change in water quality. Have you recently added any new electrical equipment with DC power supplies (cell phone battery charger or similar device)? A washing machine or dryer with a solid state control..A power supply for an irrigation system timer?
The taste is probably do to a high concentration of copper in that particular branch of your piping system. Copper has a bitter metallic taste if the concentration is high enough. If you are going to drink or cook with water from that faucet, let it run a while prior to use.
Copper leaching into the water supply is an indication that all is not well. Aside from the unpleasent taste, this will in time cause pin hole leaks to develop. Heavy metals that are commonly found in the solder used in the joints of copper piping systems can also be leached into the water.
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I have a strange problem that just started about 2 weeks ago. The taste of the water from the cold tap in my kitchen changed. It has a slight metallic taste now, you can still drink it, but it doesn't taste very good. This seemed to happen overnight - for the 11 years I've lived there, it has tasted fine, then one day it is bad. What is also strange is that the hot water tap, and all the other taps in the house do not have this problem. Any ideas how a single pipe could suddenly change the taste of the water it delivers? What should I do about it, replace the pipe, or just get a filter?

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