Re: Hot water convection return loop plumbing?
Posted by hj on October 19, 1999 at 09:21:04:
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The only way the system will work is for the return to be connected to the water heater at the lowest point. The drain valve is the usual connection point. The one way check valve is needed to prevent the cooler water at the bottom of the tank from flowing to the fixture connection point and diluting the hot water. It should also be installed at a slight downward angle so that the flap is slightly open to allow the circulating water to pass through it, since there is no pump pressure available to open it.
: I looked at another house done by my plumber, and he did a hot water convection return loop as follows. The supply lines to upstairs are 3/4". He rean a 1/2" return line down to the water heater. He then added a connection to the hot water heater drain spigot and another spigot with a tee and tied the return line into the tee. Questions: is this "kosher" to use the drain line for this purpose? I see no one-way valve in the return line, this seems very important so that when hot water is used, you don't get sediment from the drain line sucked up through the return line.

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