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Posted by Moore on October 17, 1999 at 21:43:56:
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: well to start it off i was replacing a floor in this womans house and when installing a new floor i must have cracked the already cracked cast iron flange,so what i need to do is to install a new one well sounds easy but before i start this i want to know how to do this.It is a lead pipe i believe and can i put a pvc one on there or does it have to another cast and i really do not even know how to take it off if somebody can give me some pointers or a good link

: thanks
: Chris

In the first place, be big enough to admit you aren't a plumber, and ask the woman for permission to do her a good job, and contact a licensed plumber to come in and make the repair. Then contact three plumbers, get an estimate, and then contact and choose a licensed plumber. The cast iron flange is firmly attached to sewer Drain Waste Vent piping, and if you think it is lead pipe, then you'll need to be experienced with lead and oakum joints, which we probably can assume you aren't. If you are determined to try to replace the cast flange with PVC, then finish replacing the flooring, please be aware that if your job gets completed, the woman pays you. then your pipe repair leaks and damages your new floor, she'll be very adamant about having you come out to do a good job for her again, and she'll expect you to do it at YOUR expense the next time! Cast iorn pipe requires a cast iron pipe cutter to safely make a cracked iron joint connection from where a repair coupling can be installed. The cutter might well require the removal of a floor joist section or two to perform the repair. A licensed plumber will know the local building code, and will know if the cast iton flange is replaceable with PVC. Some UPC (plumbing) Codes and some Fire Codes prevent the use of some plastics in some areas. You do the flooring. Ask a licensed plumber to replace the cracked flange, (and stand behind his or hwer work).!

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