Re: Hot water return loop by JustRight better?
Posted by Terry Love on October 17, 1999 at 14:11:15:
In response to Re: Hot water return loop by JustRight better?
: I found the link to JustRight on your Water Heater page. My plumber is going to jury rig a convection loop in my new house now with one-way valves - is the JustRight device a better choice for any technical reason, or does it just save time and aggrevation? The link on your site has the appearance of an endorsement...

I'm sure that you can do the same thing with fittings. The link is meant to be informative. Most home situations work better with a pump on the recirc line. You will note that the hot water piping must be higher than the top of the water heater. Most homes don't fit into that catagory. It's a nice trick when you can use it though. Terry

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