Opps I goofed.....Now what?
Posted by Joe on October 16, 1999 at 22:55:32:
Recently I installed a new neo-angle shower in my basement project. The drain that came with the shower pan did not come with any directions, so I put it together the way I thought it would go. I put the rubber washer on the top side of the pan, between the drain flange and the pan. I then used the cardboard friction washer between the bottom of the pan and the nut. I have been told that the rubber washer is suppossed to go under the pan with the friction washer. Is this true...and has anyone had any experience with the same malfunction and it leaked? It's almost an impossibility to take the shower out since I have sheetrocked over the wall flanges, and they go on top of the base. Any suggestions ? Thanks.

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