Re: Slow bathtub drain
Posted by Brian on June 13, 1998 at 07:28:26:
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:I manage an apt complex. Ihave found that bath drains can be snaked over and over. The problem seems to be a lack of velocity of the draining water and the trip bucket invites clogs.When I remove the trip bucket and strainer and do nothing else, slow drains become faster and faster over several days. Even hair is seldom a problem w/o a strainer because of the greater velocity. Some collects at the drain where it can be pulled out with your fingers. If it gets past the drain , it's gone. Use caution when removing the stainer. If small(child's) hands can get stuck and/or there are sharp edges...USE the strainer. I furnish the resident with a stopper if they want to take a bath. Most don't.

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