PVC Toilet Flange Uneven
Posted by Joe Ferger on October 14, 1999 at 21:05:39:
Dear Mr Love:
I recently removed a basement toilet that was leaking (badly) from beneath the base.
The flange (PVC) had not been glued to the PVC waste drain and the waste drain had a crack at the top.
I assumed that this was the leak. I epoxied the crack, and later test fit the flange.
When test fit, the flange is 3/4" higher on one side. Could this have been the leak?
Do I reinstall the toilet with one wax ring or two?
Should the wax ring be cut at an angle to compensate for the un-level flange?
The floor is level. The PVC waste drain is in concrete.
Could the crack at the top of the waste drain have been a result of the uneven flange?

Thanks for your help, this is a terrific website!!!

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