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Posted by Moore on October 13, 1999 at 21:40:55:
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Try setting the temperature control on low and see if it gets back to not so hot. Sometimes the temperature setting labels shift or move and don't read accurately. The water heater has only cold water running to it. It heats the water electrically, and supplys hot. If you turn off the power to the water heater, you'll get some hot for a while, (maybe as long as a shower or two) but then the water will run cold.Then put your setting on low, and see if the water warms to a tolerable level, or if its still too chilly. Then move the temperature setting higher, till you've got the problem solved. Be Careful!!! Don't scald yourself!!!

: Our elec water heater has settings for temperature as hot, energy effecient, warm and low. I moved it to the energy effecient setting and the hot water was steaming hot. The setting was originally set at hot and I was trying to possibly save us some money by using the energy eff. setting. Now, the cold water is hot and vice versa. The temperature control seems way off. HELP!

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