Re: Crane Bathtub Faucet Circa 1948
Posted by Moore on October 13, 1999 at 20:59:55:
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Have you thought of going to and asking the manufacturer? If you really can't get the part, take the stem to a machine shop, or a high school metel shop teacher and ask to have one made. :.)

We just bought a Cape Cod style house this past May, which was built in the late 1940's.
: The downstairs bathroom, which has the original plumbing, broke. More specifically, the diverter in the bathtub faucet
: snapped off at the stem. The fixture is a Crane. We have looked all over Northern Virginia for a replacement... with no
: luck. We would like to replace with an original Crane fixture, if possible. Otherwise, we have to have
: the old pipes changed to the modern gage. Being a new home owner of an old house- we cannot afford to have
: the plumbing changed.
: Any suggestions? Oh- BTW, we tried having it brass saudered- this lasted for about 1 month, and
: then the stem snapped off of the diverter circle- shaped piece again.
: Thanks!!!

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