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Posted by Moore on October 13, 1999 at 20:37:45:
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The old tub is very heavy. Go to the local Home Depot and find some "day labor" guys hanging around who will work for cash pay. Take then to the house and have them cart the tub outside. You'll need four strong guys, and tell them before you take them there that they'll have to work together and not mess up your walls or paint, and you'll pay them each 15 dollars per hour. They'll have it done in an hour. The local antique shop will buy it off you for twenty dollars.

There are LOTS of pretty wall surrounds that can be adapted to a tub. Go to the local Kitchen Tub and tile place for glorious ideas.

: Our bathroom tiles have leaked so badly that the studs behind them are rotten and must be replaced. We've decided that to get a 2-piece tub/shower unit might be the way to go. Is there any way to get the old ceramic tub out, or do we take a sledge hammer to it. If we COULD get it out, who would want it other than the dump? If we decide to leave the old tub, are there wall attachments that could be used (as in the fiberglass units) that would solve any water leakage probs?- Thanks!

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