sewer gas
Posted by dale osborne on October 13, 1999 at 12:38:20:
Recently in our home we have been seeing a lot of very small black flies. My wife first attributed it to
fruit flies.we now think they may be coming from the floor drain in the basement. We have also been
experiencing a general lack of energy, particularly my wife, who spends a lot of time working on a
computer in the same room as the floor drain. Could it be related to sewer gas emanating from
the floor drain? If the flies are coming from the drain that aould indicate a dry trap does it not? That
would also allow for sewer gas to enter through the drain. Can sewer gas cause this type of health
problem? Also, we do not notice any however we both have limited sense of smell due to sinus
problem. How detectable is sewer gas in small quantities and what health hazards does it pose?
How gas the problem be rectified?

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