Skinny gas pipe?
Posted by Glenn Rice on October 12, 1999 at 11:36:11:
I want to install a vent-free gas log set in my fireplace & need to have a natural gas fitting installed. There is a section of iron pipe sticking up through the floor & embedded in the concrete hearth, but it's been cut off below the floor (a relic of some previous gas appliance, I guess). The stub has been painted over and probably can't be used as is, but I was thinking a smaller-diameter gas pipe could be run through it -- much easier and cheaper than knocking out the old pipe and possibly replacing broken concrete. The inside diameter of the iron pipe is about 1/2 inch. Is there any type of gas pipe that would fit such a skinny channel? Is it legal to use copper tubing, even for a short distance? (the stub is maybe 8" long) I want to find out if this can even be done before I call the plumber. Thanks

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