Re: appling a saddle to clay tile pipe
Posted by Bud..Suncoast Plumbing on October 11, 1999 at 19:00:08:
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Gary:--cutting the hole is the easiest part of attatching a saddle tee or tee wye.
I am assuming that this is a buried VC pipe that you intend to make this connection to. If it is a live sewer, your options are limited to making this tap on the top of the 8" line (instead of the side).
Find two stainless steel bands(like those found on a 10" fernco coupling)that are long enough to reach around the 8" pipe and the saddle. A caulking gun loaded with clear silicone.. a couple good quality 1/4" masonry drill bits..a impact drill to drive them...a roll of duct tape...and a couple bags of mortar mix.
Determine where you want the tap..put some duct tape on that area and draw a circle the appropriate size for the saddle..with the
hammerdrill make a series of holes at close intervals (approx.1/4") on the line you made on the duct tape.(If you don't use duct tape the cutting can fall into the pipe and present a problem.)
After the holes are all drilled take a small chisel or screwdriver, and with a hammer gently peck the clay web between the holes away. Be sure to remove any debris that falls into the 8" line once the hole is cut through. Remove all the duct tape..apply a liberal amount of silicone caulking to the pipe and saddle and position the saddle on the main(with the flow going in the proper direction) the saddle to the main line with the stainless steel bands...if the
alignment is still correct, pour the dry mortar mix on the new tap and back fill(the mortar will harden without water after awhile)
I hope I haven't given you more information than you really needed.
Of course if the sewer main is not in service, you can make your tap horizontally instead of vertically........Lots of luck...Bud

What is the easiest and best way to cut the hole in the clay tile pipe? The pipe is 8" and the saddle is 8"x4".

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