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Posted by Moore on October 10, 1999 at 22:17:57:
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The new water well needs to run from twenty to two hundred gallons of water through it to clear out the sediment that was stirred up by the drilling. The filter is clogging up with the sediments and sand, because the filter screen is too fine to allow the sands to pass. When you removed the filter, the sands could pass freely, but then got trapped in the toilet. The black water is from the differing soil sediments that are still standing in the well case and delivery system (if they don't have a bad odor). If the black water has an odor don't drink it! The odor is generated by bacteria which may be in the stirred up soil from the drilling, or from the well pressure tank that is now releasing the bacteria because of new water pressure. If you have to drink the water, boil it first, then cool it. That will kill the bacteria. If you drink the bacteria laden water without boiling it, it won't kill you. but you will probably develop a severe case of diahrrea for a few days. Simply remove the filter that you have already replaced, reconnect the pipe, and turn on the water to an outside garden hose to let it run till its clear. You'll hear the pressure tank click on and off a few times, and thats okay, too because that will help scrub and clean bacteria from the inside of the pressure regulator and tank.

: My husband and I purchased our home a week ago and are having a problem with water pressure. We have a drilled well which is 1 year old. We have a pressure tank as well as a filter to remove dirt. When we had the house inspected prior to buying it we were told the filter was put in to remove any metal chards that may have been left from the well being drilled. Also we were told that a pressure tank was nothing to be concerned with. We replaced the fiter cartridge 2 days ago. In order to go find the correct cartridge we had to remove the old one and take it with us. By the time we got back from the store (about 4 hours later) the toilet was full of black water and loads of black sandy dirt. After the new filter was in the pressure was great but today it went back to being really low (to the point of not being able to run water when the toilet has been flushed). My husband did some reading and he is afraid that there may be a clog in the pipeline because of all the dirt. Is this something we should be concerned with? Also what other concerns are there with this much dirt in the water? Should we even drink it? Help! We are at a loss....we are hoping we won't have to drill a new well...Thanks in advance! Tara
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