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Posted by Moore on October 10, 1999 at 21:34:15:
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: What should be used to seal the drain strainer to an acrylic tub? I have read and was told to use plumber's putty, but Oatey brand plumber's putty says NOT to use it with plastics and to instead use silicon sealant. Silicon sealant doesn't seem like it would be enough. Is there a putty to use on acrylic tubs or does a silicon caulk work? Many thanks.

The drain strainer has very fine threads that screw into the inside of the drain and do not Really require a sealer. Hair and sand and soap buildup accumulates in the tub drain trap though, and when backup occurs THEN you wish you had installed plumber's putty. Putty the drain strainer to the acrylic tub by dipping your fingers into the putty and pulling out a glob the size of a cherry and roll it between your palms to make a rope of about the thickness of a pencil, or a little less thick. (The stuff is kind of greasy, you might want to wear rubber gloves) wrap the rope of putty at the strainer threads as well as at the underside of the flare where it will contact the acrylic tub. Screw in the strainer and it will squish out the unneeded putty, screw down the strainer so that it is flush with the tub, so you won't cut your foot as you slide your toes over the draid while showering. The tub is manufactured with an indentation for the strainer to recess into. Pull that excess putty out of the way and put it back into the putty container. Silicone is a good sealer once it is exposed to the air and drys to form a skin on it, but silicone is too slippery and for strainer installations it allows gaps to form as the fine threads are screwing together, and as the strainer flare is dragging around the tub recess as it is being tightened. The plumbers putty has a slight abrasive quality that causes it to drag as the tightening pross occurs, and that dragging effectively seals the gaps. The manufacturer recommends silicone because there is a liability issue against his product if the abrasiveness of the plumber's putty wears out his strainer too quickly.

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