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Posted by Moore on October 10, 1999 at 21:14:44:
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: Terry,
: We are planning a new bath on the second floor. I was under the impression that the toilet should be located fairly close to the new waste pipe. We have been obtaining bids from local (St. Louis) plumbers but are receiving conflicting information. One plumber indicated the toilet could be located about 6 feet from the new stack which would then go down through a closet to the basement, run along the basement ceiling another 6 feet, make another 90 degree bend to run parallel to the existing waste pipe and then connect into the main waste pipe near the floor. Does that sound reasonable or would there be too many bends in the piping which may lead to clogging. Any advice or you may offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. (:
: Deanna

The reason you are being told that a toilet installation needs to be close to the existing DWV (Drain,Waste,Vent) line is because of the required slope (.25 inches each linear foot of run) that projects into the ceiling of the room below if the run is too long. If the plumber advises you can install the run his way, ask him to make you a drawing and an estimate of what it will cost, then get three other plumbers to make estimates of the same work, and compare prices. Be sure that the new toilet DWV stack has a vent through the roof. Also be sure that one of the accessible 90 degree bends has a cleanout inatalled. This protects you in the event a diaper or a rubber ducky or a sanitary napkin gets flushed down, and lodged in the line, before it can reach the main soil waste line. The cleanout has a screw out cap that allows you to drain away the soiled water from the toilet, and then insert a roto rooter drain line cleaning snake to clear the obstruction, and then re-screw on the cap.

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