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Posted by MOORE on October 10, 1999 at 20:59:36:
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: It should be simple... turn the valve so that it's parallel to the pipe. I did that and get no gas at
: the hot water heater. Any troubleshooting ideas?

How do you know you don't have any gas at the hot water heater? Do you have gas at the rest of the gas appliances, but not at the hot water heater? If so, then you have gas to the hot water heater too (unless there's some sort of a kink in the flexible (corrugated) gas line that supplies the heater. The gas water heater has a millivolt generator in the pilot light assembly that needs to get it's current from the thermocouple as it is warmed by the pilot light. The millivolt generator generates enough power to keep the gas flow coming through the hot water heater's gas valve. You need to hold the pilot light button down and hold a match to the pilot light to get it lighted. Keep holding the button approximately 30 seconds till it gets warm enough to create the millivolts required to let the gas valve open, then you can let go of the pilot light button and turn the knob to the "On " position. If you don't get gas to any of the appliances after you turned on the meter, there can be two problems: 1) The gas main diaphragm has closed, or 2) an earthquake gas overflow valve has been tripped. If you turned the gas off in the first place, and then turned the gas valve on too quickly, the gas main diaphragm thinks that there was a too high gas pressure surge, and closes the diaphragm. the fix for this is to turn off the gas at the meter again, wait about a half hour, then VERY SLOWLY open the gas valve again and try to light the pilot lights. If that doesn't work, e-mail me, and we'll discuss the earthquake valve.


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