Drainage Problem Please Help!!!
Posted by Michael Roback on October 09, 1999 at 11:30:33:
My wife and I are buying a house on a hillside property. The house is a two
story on a slab. The current owners tell me that there has been a humidity
problem during the rainy season on the first floor. They have used a
dehumidifier. The house is approximately 40 years old. They tell me that
this past year when we had the heavy rains up here that there was quite a
bit of water under the house in the crawlspace and that they rigged up a
sump pump in a hole about 2 feet or so that they dug in the crawlspace.
There is some blistering and patching on the walls and ceilings of the
downstaris level of the house maybe related, maybe not. Also downstairs
there has been an addition and there are some slight lime deposits where the
old and "new" slabs meet indicating some moisture maybe coming up through
the slab. The present owner tells me that prior to this past year they
haven't had a problem with moisture to this degree. I called a geologist who
charges a minimum $900 fee to access the situation. The house as is is a
good deal, the cheapest house on the block. It is basically being sold "as
is." Are French Drains the only alternative or is a good exterior drain
system with a professionally installed sump better? I hear that French
Drains can cost $20-$40,000??? The house is approximately 2100 square feet
on a relatively small lot. I am down in Southern California. Any idea who
I can call to look at it short of a $900 evaluation bill??? The house is
basically ours at this point and there is no room for negotiation of price
so I am trying to solve the problem within our budget. My wife and I will be
living on pennies to make the mortgage and cannot afford a disaster waiting
to happen. Any advice, help, suggestions would greatly help me.

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