Re: shower pans
Posted by Jennifer on October 08, 1999 at 18:06:03:
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: : How does one know if it is the shower pan that is bad or if water damage to the bathroom flooring may be due to clogged weep holes in the shower drain and cracks in the tile grout?

: Plug off the shower drain, fill with water and let set. Do you have another bathroom to use in the meantime? If every thing stays dry, the problem may be higher up. If wet, then there could be a fault with the pan. Another consideration, is the water supply piping. You may want to plug off the shower head and turn the water on to test for bad joints in the water supply. Terry

Help! if you're concrete/tiled shower pan is leaking, is there any other option for sealing it other than tearing it out and replacing? What is the best solution for replacing it-one of those 3 piece shower stalls? retiling??

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