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Posted by hj on October 08, 1999 at 09:07:23:
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Admittedly, a gas heater has a higher potential for fire than an electric one, but in most cases, the incident is caused by improper installation or carelessness on the part of the occupant. A heater in a garage must be installed 18" above the floor. You should not store flammables in the garage, and especially not near the water heater. You also must ensure proper air venting into the garage to provide proper combustion and venting of stray fumes.
: The church organization I work for is in the process of building us a new home. We are considering putting in a gas water heater which would be located in the front of the double garage. I live in Brownsville, texas so having the heater outside will not greatly affect it's sufficiency. Just recently our Bishop had a fire in his home that was caused by a faulty gas water heater that was installed in his attic. Because of this fire, he is against a gas water heater. I would appreciate your input on the safety issues of gas versus electric water heater and given the different location of our water heater, I would prefer gas because of the annual cost for heating water is considerably less. What is your feeling?

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