waste water backing up in kitchen sink
Posted by Taylor on October 07, 1999 at 11:56:58:
Just recently, when TOILET is flushed,or when WASHING MACHING is draining, we get either, water backing up in the KITCHEN SINK,or a (gurguling) sound in the kitchen sink. Also, the toilet has to be flushed more than once and is VERY SLOW when re-filling. Now we are getting a leak from the trap under the kitchen sink. But the sink is not clogged.
This is an older home, built in early 1900's. We have 2 living floors, an attic and basement. The toilet is on the 2nd floor, the kitchen with dishwasher, on first floor, the washing machine and lines for an uncomplete second bathroom in the basement . The Kitchen sink is directly above the washing machine. The toilet on the 2nd floor is over to the left, approx. 13 feet.
We have changed the toilet float, changed the kitchen trap (no clogg), DOES ANY ONE HAVE ANY IDEAS????

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