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Posted by hj on October 05, 1999 at 00:22:17:
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The wax seal is a compression material. Once it is compressed when the toilet is set on it, it will not rebound if something causes the toilet to lift up, such as rocking. Also if the flange is loose through the floor, the flange can be lifted towards the toilet, effectively squeezing the wax out. The rubber gasket will expand and contract with the toilet movement, and if the the bolts are overtightened, the gasket will just seal tighter.

: OK, I was able to fix my problem with the high toilet flange and have got it down to the floor and secured. Before I install the toilet, I was wondering if anyone had had any experience with the rubber flange gaskets which replace the wax seals? Just checking the pro's and con's before I commit. Seems like I always smash the wax seal somehow and develop a leak and then have to reinstall.

: Thanks for the help

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