Re: Stop A Toilet?
Posted by hj on October 04, 1999 at 01:17:22:
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The black rubber, (but by now it could be gray), is probably worn out. Replace it and also check the small rubber tube that goes from the water valve to the overflow pipe. If it is stuck down the overflow pipe, cut it off and secure it to the top of the pipe.

: Dear Mr. Love, My toilet all of a sudden just decides to go off like someone flushed it or at least makes a flush sound 24 hrs. Can you advice me what is wrone or what I can do. This is costing me and watering money down the toilet. Please help. I'm so glad to know there are good people like yourself willing to share or give Do-it-yourselfers like myself expert advice. Keep up the "GREAT WORK". Thank you, Liz Morris(Killeen,Texas)

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