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Posted by Bud...Suncoast Plumbing Inc. on October 03, 1999 at 20:59:04:
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Tony:--The size and type of "dry well" or "French drain" will depend in large part on what it will be used for. If a small drainage load, such as a condensate drain from an air conditioner,it is obvious that its' size will be much smaller than one required for a washing machine.
Most drains of this type are constructed of gravel or crushed stone that has been placed in a ditch or hole lined with a plastic screening material such the "Mirafy" fabric that is used for underdrains on roadbeds.
The depth of the trench/hole will depend on the percolation quality of the soil in your area.
Sandy soil will perk water at amuch greater rate than soils that contain large quantities of clay.
Once a suitable site has been selected, and the gravel is in place,a 6" perforated PVC pipe should be installed in the middle of the gravel.
An inlet line is connected to the perforated pipe and extended above grade. The fabric should be folded over the gravel bed to keep soil from infiltrating. Tarpaper or roofing felt can be placed over the screen fabric and then backfilled.
Discharge of liquids that contain large quantities of cooking oils'grease or soap will have an adverse effect, and shorten the effective life of the drain.
Lots of luck........Bud

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