Re: Circulating Air into bottom of shower?
Posted by hj on October 02, 1999 at 17:03:16:
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I wouldn't say it is a really dumb idea, but if the shower is not constructed properly to accomdate the vent, then it will come pretty close. You will not be able to keep water from entering the vent, so the area around it behind the wall has to be waterproof, and probably tiled. It will also have to have to drain leading into the shower to drain any water that gets into there. Finally, the piping should be aluminum or plastic because galvanized steel will eventually rust out. If aluminum, then the fan motor should be protected by a GFCI outlet, and the switch has to be remote from the shower stall.

: My wife and I are having a large 2 person shower built (new house), about 5' x 7'. There will be 3 walls (both long ones, one short one), with a glass door in the other short wall. A seat goes into the far short wall. I would like to add a vent which will move inside air from the bath area (toilet in separate room) and blow it into the bottom area of the shower, under the seat, for the purpose of drying out the shower, and in the winter adding to the humidity. What type of material should I use for the vent plumbing, and where could I get a louvered vent opening that could install where I want it.

: Guess I should also say that if you think this is a really dumb idea, its OK to tell me that (my wife tells me that all the time :->)

: David

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