Re: gerber ultra flush #21-302
Posted by Paul DeBoo Sloan Flushmate Division on September 29, 1999 at 15:46:18:
In response to Re: gerber ultra flush #21-302
: : when using the flush handle, at times it makes a sound like RUMPFFF - is this common or unusual? - thanks in advance for your reply -

: : : mg hailey

: The Flushing system within Gerber's tank should be a Flushmate unit. Depend on when the unit was manufactured it might be a 501-A Series or a 503 Series. From what you have described it does sound like the cartridge is out of adjustment. By visiting our website you can review the Owner's Manual for he Series you own read how to make the necessary adjustments. If you experience further difficulty please call our Consumer Services Dept at (800) 533-3450.

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