Mixing Toilets and Pedestal Lavatories from Different Mfg's
Posted by Tom on September 26, 1999 at 20:35:14:
As a follow up to the question below on Traditional toilets in powder rooms, I am considering the Toto Provincial for a powder room.

I'm wondering if a Toto Provincial in #02 Sedona Beige (I presume this is biscuit) could be combined with a Kohler Portrait Pedestal (K-2221-8)with a Biscuit finish and be a good match in color and style.

I would simply use a Toto Provincial Pedestal (LPT530), but I like the backsplash and trim lines on the Portrait model.

After reading Terry's Consumer Toilet Reports, I'm not sure I want to use a Kohler Portrait toilet. It was not listed in the reveiw and although it may be fine, I would prefer to use a Toto based on Terry's review and the opinion of my local plumbing supply house. Additionally, its too bad Toto doesn't have a Traditional model that uses either the G-Max or Power Gravity system. Apparently, the Provincial is gravity only.

Is mixing manufacturers' generally avoided?

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