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Posted by hj on September 26, 1999 at 19:57:27:
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If the plumber who installed the piping did not understand the hydraulics of a multistory building and it was not detected during inspection, or they do not require proper multistory installation, your toilet could be tee'd into the waste pipe for the upper units. The slug of water dropping 12 feet will generate enough pressure to cause oscillation of the water. If the vent were plugged, the water velocity would suck the water out of your toilet as it went by, so it follows that the vent is functioning. Your toilet connection would have had to be installed to the side of the main drain pipe with its own revent pipe and then your problem could not occur.

: I live in a loft style condo, on the second floor. The condo is a 4 story loft building and my unit is on the 2nd floor. Because the building is on a steep slope, there are no condos below the second floor on our side.

: When the unit directly above me flushes the toilet, I hear the flow going down the main pipe loudly, and as it passes my toilet, my toilet water swooshes, literally, greatly. How easy is it to put a video camera from the roof, through the air vent opening? What would be the most thorough and logical method to tackle this problem? The condo association plumber poked two holes to get to the vent near my toilet and didn't find anything. (The plumber thought the clog is near my toilet.) I received another analysis that the clog must be above or near the toilet above my toilet, which to me makes sense because the toilet above me must not have adquate air ventilation to cause so much pressure by the time it gets to me. Our loft condos are 16 ft tall each. Any helpful ideas would be appreciated.

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