leaking toilet seal
Posted by T. Campbell on September 25, 1999 at 03:03:59:
Due to a leaking toilet seal I found a rotten area located about 1ft in front of the toilet. I cut this section out and replaced it back to the good wood underlayment. I then placed a new plywood floor over the entire bathroom. This made the lead joint cast iron
flange level with the floor and I used an extra thick wax seal with the plastic horn. I have the vinyl installed and It leaks!!!!! I have now decided that the leaded cast iron flange was not attached to the floor and it is being pulled up when I tighten the bolts. When I placed the plywood floor down, I cut the hole to go over the outside diameter of the flange. I have found a replacement ring called a "Super Ring" made by Superior Tool Company that is made to go on top of the old flange and has 6 screw hole tabs around the edge for attachment to the plywood floor. However they are very close to the outside diameter of the cast iron flange and I'm not sure my cut was close enough for the screws to hit the wood. DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY SUGESTIONS??

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