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Posted by Joe on September 24, 1999 at 00:14:07:
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It is possible that water entered the vent pipe. This often happens during storms which produce high winds, especially straight line winds such as with a hurricane. Water will follow the vent pipe on the inside until it comes to a low joint where it will exit the pipe and drip on whatever is underneath. The first thing to do is to climb on the roof and make sure the cap has no rust holes, and that the flashing around the pipe is sealed. You can also seal the pipe joints with tape if they are accessable. There are several styles of vent caps out there on the market, and you may have to change out the cap for one with a better hood on it. The same thing happened to me during a recent severe storm, and as I was trying to trace the source, I went into the attic and found a trail in the dust on the vent pipe, where water had exited the pipe and dripped on the ceiling. I replaced the cap, which is about a twenty minute job, and have had no trouble since.

: During a recent rainstorm (Floyd), we spotted a leak across our dining room ceiling. The dining room in on the first level of our home, with a bedroom and closet directly above it. There was no leak in the bedroom, so we are not sure how this could have happenned. The only thing we did notice is that our vent for the furnance comes out of the roof on that side of the house. Is there some way the water got in through that? Any ideas on what/how we can fix the problem?

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