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Posted by nina on September 24, 1999 at 00:04:17:
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: I live in a 16 ft loft. My toilet water swooshes whenever the person living above me flushes the toilet. our plumber believes a connected vent is clogged. What vent or where about do you think is clogged? So far, we put three holes to find out but no luck. Without puting holes in peoples condos, do you have any other suggestions? How about adding another vent?

: Another question is I have American Standard Renaissance toilet which got damaged. Can I replace the toilet bowl with the Cadet II (3054.018) to my Renaissance tank(4028?) I replace with the Renaissance toilet bowl and it is not the right one. I had a quieter bowl, with the smaller flush which looks like cadets.

Hi, thanks for your analysis on our plumbing problem -- what you explained
helped me understand exactly what is happening when the person above me
flushes. Our section of the condos had severe plumbing problems since May.
It started out by our main pipe being clogged which flooded the unit across
from me and when the flooding prompted the Roto Rooter people to put a block
on the overflowing sink, "it" rose up to my bathroom toilet and tub. When
this clogged pipe was cleared and my old toilet pipe was replaced because it
was leaking, I started having the swooshing effects with the upper unit.
The plumber called to work on this thought that the air vent got clogged
when the overflow rose up -- but this plumber couldn't locate the plugged
vent area. What you said sounded like the clogging is higher up. I asked
the condo association to try to clear the air vent pipe from the roof as you
have suggested. From what I understand, is the clogging near or above the
toilet above mine? And, can a licensed plumber put a camera from the top?
There are three floors involving this particular plumbing system and I am
wondering where would be the best area to work from. When I asked other
units above me to flush, my toilet water moved only slightly which I can
tolerate but the unit directly above me affects very badly. I am concerned
about health hazards -- the air must come out through the tub as well which
I can't see. My goal is to fix it as thoroughly as possible... If there is
anyother way I can research this, your input would be appreciated. Thanks.

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