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Posted by hj on September 23, 1999 at 23:22:02:
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The cold water in the tub is because the hot water heater is shut off, and the tub faucet is leaking, so when you turn on the kitchen faucet you are turning it to the WARM water position and the cold water is going into the hot water pipe and coming out at the tub.
When you replaced the bolts, I'll wager that you put a metal washer between the washer and the bolt head. Take it out and reassemble the tank. And replacing a toilet because it is stopped up is overkill. A plumber may be able to unstop it in a few minutes, or it is also possible that the problem is in the piping and a new toilet will have the same symptoms. None of your problems seem serious yet, so don't do anything to make them worse.

: My house seems like it's falling apart with plumbing problems. I have a leaky faucet in the bathtub that pours out hot water so, we started cutting the hot water off and using it only for baths, etc. Recently, when you turn on the cold water in the kitchen -- cold water pours out of the tub and stops once you cut the faucet off in the kitchen. The toilet in the main bathroom is inoperable -- it would stop up and the water would come back in the bowl almost spiling on the floor -- I have used a plunger and bought too different types of snakes but nothing works. I replaced the flapper valve system in the toile in the master bedroom and it works fine but, while I was working in the tank -- two of the screws that hold the tank to the bowl broke off (they were really rusty) -- I replaced the screws but, now we have a leak onto the floor from one of the screws -- if tha'ts not enough the skinny tube from the wall to the toilet is leaking water at the wall. I know I need to call a professional
: plumber but, I am truly scared at the what the cost will be. Also, I bought a new toilet to replace the clogged one and I need this put in!!!! How long would these jobs take to complete? Could you take a guess and let me know how much I am looking forward to spending? It seems like the longer I wait to get these things done something else breaks down.... Thanks in advance. Angela

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