Re: Tile is coming out of shower...
Posted by hj on September 23, 1999 at 01:10:57:
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You might as well replace the fiberglass pan as long as you have it open. Install cement board backing and install NEW tile using a cement base rather than gluing them on. If you glue them, they will come loose again someday.

: I was taking a shower in our 14 y.o. house when I leaned against the wall and 4 tiles pushed in! Of course I found that I could easily take out the tile to the floor and about 4 tiles to the top. Lots of mildew on the fiberglass. Should I:
: Replace the fiberglass
: Put in new water resistant wallboard and put up the
: old tile? I'm worried that water has seeped down past the pan put there is no apparent water damage on the first floor ceiling. Is this something a resonably handy person could tackle? Thanks in advance!

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