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Posted by Dominick on September 21, 1999 at 00:15:31:
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Either that was a really good joke or you
misunderstood me. We are not the munchkin
family. My sons are over 6' and even the tubs
I sat in at a local plumbing supply don't have
much legroom. The 5' whirlpool offered by
Watertech has an extended legroom design. They
offer a 6032 Ultra 60" x 32" that takes 55/85
gallons of water. They have a good webpage at Was wondering if you had seen
any with similar capacity for such a small space.

: : I am remodeling a bathroom and looking for a spacious 60" X 32" Whirlpool bath, so everone
: : in the family can fit. I've seen the Watertech on the net, and it looks big, along with any options
: : you want. They have no skirts, though, and I am open to options, which include lumbar jets. Anyone
: : familiar with the Watertech's, or any other good suggestions?

: Dominick,
: You must have a very small family. If I were in a 60x32 jetted tub, I could maybe put one more small person in. I am about 6'2" though. Good luck with the search.
: regards,
: Terry

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