Bad smell - not sure where it is coming from
Posted by Brian Dobson on September 20, 1999 at 08:04:42:
We live in a rural community and have a septic tank. We have only lived here for about 18months but
we have noticed periodically that we notice a bad smell(kind of like rotten eggs) outside. We assumed that
our septic tank needed pumping. We had it pumped and the smell periodically comes back. We have
almost pegged it to coming back after a rain, but still arent sure that that is the only times. My father
in-law believes that it is coming from our roof vents for our septic system(our house is a bungalow and
we are usually on our raised deck when we smell it).
Any thoughts on this and if it is our roof venting system, is there a way to filter the smell? Do I need to
raise the pipe? thx.

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