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Posted by Moore on September 20, 1999 at 00:48:14:
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: I live in a 16 ft loft. My toilet water swooshes whenever the person living above me flushes the toilet. our plumber believes a connected vent is clogged. What vent or where about do you think is clogged? So far, we put three holes to find out but no luck. Without puting holes in peoples condos, do you have any other suggestions? How about adding another vent?

: Another question is I have American Standard Renaissance toilet which got damaged. Can I replace the toilet bowl with the Cadet II (3054.018) to my Renaissance tank(4028?) I replace with the Renaissance toilet bowl and it is not the right one. I had a quieter bowl, with the smaller flush which looks like cadets.

Hi, If the water in your toilet moves because a toilet above you flushes, it indicates that your toilet and that toilet above you are on the same vent that rises to the roof. As the large volume of waste water leaves the toilet above, it fills the drain line with a plug of air downstream of it as gravity pulls it down. That air is lighter than the weight of the water, and should push past the plug of water, but doesn't. As that water and air move past where your sewer line "tees" into the vent, the air tries to escape toward your toilet. The water can't, because it's too heavy, so the air pushes against the water seal in your toilet, and then immediately creates a vacuum, as the water rushes downward. If the roof vent above the toilet above you is clogged with a pigeon nest, or a rag left from a roofing job, or another obstruction, the air plug gets worse at your toilet. Usually a Roro-Rooter company can push a mainline cutter theroug the roof vent all the way to the floor and to the main line sewer to clear the obstruction. Please use a LICENSED company. Any qualified operator that cares about the work, should be able to tell if there was any obstruction. If none is encountered, sewer line inspection tools are readily available to look for cracked or loose pipe, and even television video cameras are available to check every inch of the inside of the pipe. If you have no luck, you can contact your local Health Department or City Department of Health and Safety to complain that you fear contamination in your house caused by poor flushing from the above tenant. They'll push the landlord, or the seller of the condo to provide adequate proof of correction and sanitary comnnection.

The American Standard can be attached to the Cadet, but they then will wobble and provide the chance of breaking because they aren't manufactured to connect well. The Cadet is designed to connect to cadet only. Your smartest bet is to buy a new quiet flush water closet bowl and tank.

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